Cosmetic Dentistry
Your smile sends a powerful message about your character and confidence to others. If you are not totally happy with your smile, your dentist can, with the aid of modern techniques, suggest a full treatment plan with options for you to improve your smile. Many common aesthetic problems that are easily improved are:
We provide a cosmetic consultation service to inform patients of posssible treatment options to improve the aesthetics of their smile. This could form part of a full dental examination, or a more informal discussion of areas of concern. More information is available at reception.
• Discoloration of teeth or fillings
• Gaps between teeth
• Missing teeth
• Crowded teeth
• Poorly shaped or chipped teeth
• Badly positioned teeth which affect your bite
Previous dental work (old fillings and crowns) can become cosmetically poor and may require replacing for cosmetic reasons. Our surgery, with its modern equipment and regular staff training, can make use of all the latest dental techniques to achieve the smile you want. Aesthetic methods to improve your smile include:
Clinical studies have shown
dental implants to have a very
high long-term success rate.
• Tooth whitening
• Implants
• Porcelain inlays and veneers
• Porcelain-bonded crowns and bridges
• Replacement of amalgam fillings with white restorations
Creating Confidence
in Your Smile
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